corsair vengeance RGB ram - A Review 

corsair vengeance RGB ram – A Review 



corsair vengeance RGB ram has become one of the most popular choices for RGB-infused memory amongst PC builders and enthusiasts. With vibrant, customizable lighting and reliable performance, corsair vengeance RGB ram offers both style and substance. This article will provide a detailed review of corsair vengeance RGB ram, examining its features, benchmarks, pros and cons, and how it stacks up against other top RAM options on the market.

Overview of corsair vengeance RGB ram

corsair vengeance RGB ram refers to a line of high-performance DDR4 memory modules from Corsair that come equipped with RGB lighting. Key features include:

  • Available capacities: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB kits
  • Speeds: From 2,400MHz to 4,600MHz
  • Low voltage: 1.35V for better efficiency and stability
  • RGB lighting: Per module RGB lighting that is customizable
  • Support: Tested compatibility with latest AMD and Intel platforms

corsair vengeance RGB ram comes in different model names based on the speed, timings, and form factor. Some popular models include corsair vengeance RGB pro, corsair vengeance RGB RT, and corsair Dominator RGB platinum.

Corsair launched the corsair vengeance RGB series a few years ago and it quickly became a go-to choice for a high-performance RGB RAM upgrade or build.

Benchmarks and Performance

When it comes to benchmarks and real-world performance, corsair vengeance RGB ram holds up very well against both RGB and non-RGB memory kits.

Here are some performance benchmarks from different reviews:

corsair vengeance RGB Model Speed Latency Benchmark Score Notes
RGB Pro 16GB 3200MHz C16 52.3ns latency Great overall performance
RGB Pro 32GB 3600MHz C18 53.4ns latency Lower latency improves performance
RGB RT 16GB 3600MHz C16 49.2ns latency Extremely low latency for blazing fast speeds

The benchmarks show corsair vengeance RGB ram keeps up with, if not exceeds, the performance of non-RGB RAM kits. Factors like RAM speed, latency, and capacity significantly influence overall benchmark scores.

When overclocked, most corsair vengeance RGB kits can also reach speeds of 4000MHz to 4600MHz at 1.45v with decent latencies. This positions them among the best performing DDR4 RAM options for gaming and productivity.

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Pros of corsair vengeance RGB ram

There are several key advantages to choosing corsair vengeance RGB ram:

  • Performance: Thanks to hand sorting and quality components, delivers reliable speeds and tight timings
  • RGB lighting: Fully customizable using Corsair’s iCUE software with per module control
  • Heat spreader: Helps with thermal regulation during extended use cases
  • Compatibility: Wide compatibility with Intel XMP and AMD platforms
  • Overclocking Potential: Handles overclocks very well across different models
  • Reliability: Rigorously tested and backed by Corsair limited lifetime warranty

For RGB enthusiasts, the level of lighting customization is a major pro. Using Corsair’s intuitive iCUE software, users can choose from different lighting effects, RGB profiles, and control each module’s lighting independently.

Cons of corsair vengeance RGB ram

The main downsides of corsair vengeance RGB ram are:

  • Premium pricing: RGB and brand reputation contributes to higher price tags
  • Needs iCUE software: Requires Corsair’s iCUE software running in the background manage lighting
  • Limited model options: Less variety in speeds and capacity configurations vs non-RGB models
  • Tall heat spreaders: May have clearance issues with large CPU air coolers

While performance remains excellent, corsair vengeance RGB costs $20 to $50 more than the equivalent non-RGB Vengeance line. The pricing premium is typical for most RGB products due to additional R&D and implementation costs.

Also, unlike proprietary software from other brands, iCUE is polished and versatile making this less of a dealbreaker.

Alternatives to Consider

corsair vengeance RGB ram although highly rated, still faces stiff competition from other RGB and non-RGB memory brands. Here are some alternatives worth considering:

RGB RAM Alternatives

  • G Skill Trident Z RGB: Another very popular RGB option with similar specs and quality
  • ADATA XPG Spectrix D60G: Affordable RGB RAM with vibrant RGB effects and patterns
  • Thermaltake ToughRAM RGB: Decent mid-range alternative RGB RAM to corsair vengeance

The main consideration between corsair vengeance RGB vs g skill RGB RAM comes down to software preferences for lighting control or brand affiliation. Both offer very close speeds and performance.

Non RGB High Performance RAM

If RGB lighting isn’t a priority, consider these top performing non-RGB RAM:

  • Corsair Vengeance LPX
  • G Skill Ripjaws V
  • Crucial Ballistix

These focus purely on delivering the best speeds, capacities, and latencies without spending extra on RGB aesthetics or marketing. They outperform corsair vengeance RGB equivalents while costing $20 to $50 less.


With a wide range of RGB enabled models available now, corsair vengeance RGB continues to be a top choice for high-performance DDR4 RAM with customizable lighting. It brings best-in-class speeds, tight latencies, reliability and ample overclocking headroom expected from premium Corsair memory.

While priced higher than its non-RGB counterpart, corsair vengeance RGB ram manages to justify it with excellent optimization for both Intel and AMD platforms and excellent RGB implementation. As long as personal computer build aesthetics take priority over saving a bit of money, corsair vengeance RGB remains a worthy investment.


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