Best Budget gaming pc - Getting the Most for Your Money

Best Budget gaming pc – Getting the Most for Your Money




Building or buying a best budget gaming pc doesn’t have to break the bank. With some savvy shopping and hardware choices, you can put together a very capable gaming machine for under $800. This article will walk you through recommendations and considerations to maximize performance while staying within a tight budget.

Video Card: The GPU is Key

The most important component for gaming is undoubtedly the graphics card or GPU (best budget gaming pc build should allocate at least 1/3 of the total budget for a good video card). Here are top value recommendations in 2023:

GPU Price Performance Level
Nvidia GTX 1650 $150-180 Entry 1080p gaming
AMD RX 6500XT $160-200 Entry/Mainstream 1080p
Nvidia RTX 3050 $250-300 Mainstream 1080p/Entry 1440p

CPU: Aim for 6+ Cores

The processor is also vital for achieving smooth framerates in games. While less critical than the GPU, a decent CPU with 6+ cores should be paired in any best budget gaming pc in 2023. The two best platform options are:

  • Intel Core i5 – Excellent performance out of the box and good upgrade options with LGA 1700 socket motherboards.
  • AMD Ryzen 5 – Great bang for buck, with 6-8 core options and unlocked overclocking capabilities.

Either option will serve well under $200, avoiding extreme budget bottlenecks.

The Rest of the Build

Here’s a quick breakdown of target specs for other best budget gaming pc components:

  • RAM – 16GB DDR4 @ 3000MHz+
  • Storage – 500GB SSD
  • Motherboard – B660 chipset for Intel | B550 chipset for AMD
  • Power Supply – 650W 80+ Bronze
  • Case – Any ATX Mid-Tower case under $100

Shop patiently and hunt for sales on reliable models within these specs. Building your own best budget gaming pc allows customization of each part, an exciting learning experience.

Prebuilt Option

If the DIY route isn’t for you, buying a prebuilt desktop is easier but costs more. The HP Pavilion Gaming PC hits all the right notes for under $900 with modern parts like the i5-12400F CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, RTX 3050 GPU and 512GB SSD. Just make sure to add 8GB more RAM in the customization menu. This will play any game exceptionally at 1080p.

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Optimizing the Build

Once you secure components for the best budget gaming pc build, focus should shift to getting the most out of them. Here are quick tips:

  • Overclock the GPU using MSI Afterburner – 6-10% free performance
  • Enable XMP profile in BIOS for full RAM speeds
  • Update Windows, GPU and motherboard drivers
  • Test airflow and temperatures – add fans if needed
  • Reduce background apps while gaming
  • Game at native monitor resolution when possible

Following these basic guidelines ensures your best budget gaming pc reaches its full gaming potential.


Building a capable 1080p gaming rig for under $800 might seem unlikely in the age of inflated GPU prices. However, with strategic component selection, shopping around for deals, and some final build optimizations, enjoying high fidelity PC gaming is still very achievable on a best budget gaming pc in 2023.


  1. – HP Pavilion Prebuilt PC


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