The Best DSLR 2023 Has to Offer

The Best DSLR 2023 Has to Offer




DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras remain a top choice for photography enthusiasts and professionals alike in 2023. With large image sensors, interchangeable lenses, optical viewfinders, and robust manual controls, the best DSLR 2023 models deliver unparalleled image quality and performance.

This article outlines the 5 best DSLR cameras in 2023 based on critical and user reviews, specs, availability, and value:

Top 5 Best DSLRs 2023

Model Key Features Rating Price
Nikon D3500 Beginner-friendly DSLR

24MP sensor

1080p video

Great low-light capability

9.2/10 $479
Nikon D7500 Advanced APS-C DSLR

20.9MP sensor

4K video

8fps continuous shooting

9.5/10 $996
Canon EOS 90D Crop-sensor DSLR

32.5MP sensor

10fps continuous shooting

Great autofocus

4.5/5 $1,059
Nikon D780 Full-frame DSLR

24.5MP sensor

4K video

All-around performer

5/5 $2,200
Nikon D850 Professional-grade DSLR

45.7MP sensor

9fps continuous shooting

Stellar image quality

5/5 $2,750

Review of the Best DSLR 2023 Contenders

Nikon D3500 – Top Beginner DSLR 2023

The easy-to-use Nikon D3500 gains the top spot as the best entry-level DSLR for 2023. It has an intuitive control layout, helpful Guide Mode, and 24.2-megapixel sensor that Digital Trends calls “a great sensor for the camera’s price point.” It also delivers great low-light performance for its class.

While it leaves out advanced features found in higher-end models, it has all the essential settings and capabilities a photographer needs to learn. At just over $400 with a lens included, the Nikon D3500 is the best DSLR 2023 for beginners.

Nikon D7500 – Advanced APS-C DSLR 2023

As a higher-tier APS-C model with great all-around performance, the Nikon D7500 wins Digital Trends’ Editor’s Choice award for 2023. It shares the same 20.9MP sensor and Exceed 5 processing engine found in Nikon’s top DSLR, the D500.

The D7500 captures fast action with 8fps burst shooting, a large buffer, and excellent 51-point autofocus system. It records 4K video, has a tilting touchscreen LCD, and is durable against dust and moisture. For advanced APS-C capabilities without the price tag of higher-end DSLRs, the D7500 offers incredible value at under $1,000.

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Canon EOS 90D – Impressive Crop-Sensor DSLR 2023

Canon’s EOS 90D proves you don’t need a full-frame sensor to get stellar performance. PCMag awards it 4.5 out of 5 stars for its 32.5MP sensor resolution, 10fps continuous drive speed, and superb Dual Pixel autofocus in live view. It’s a great choice for wildlife, sports, portraits, and video.

In addition to capturing beautiful still photos, the 90D records high-quality 4K and Full HD video. It has an intuitive control layout, fast 45-point autofocus through the optical viewfinder, and long battery life to keep up with demanding shoots. If you want pro-level performance without going full frame, the Canon EOS 90D is a leading APS-C DSLR 2023.

Nikon D780 – Best Professional Full Frame DSLR 2023 Under $2,500

For photographers who want to make the leap to full frame without breaking the bank, the Nikon D780 is the best DSLR 2023 in this price range. It combines the advanced capabilities of the D750 with the fast live view shooting and 4K video of the mirrorless Z6.

At the heart is a 24.5MP BSI CMOS sensor and EXPEED 6 processor delivering beautiful image quality and low noise. It captures 7fps burst shooting, has a 51,000 pixel RGB metering system and pinpoint autofocus powered by deep learning. For under $2,500, the Nikon D780 brings together the best of DSLR and mirrorless capabilities.

Nikon D850 – Best High-Resolution Professional DSLR 2023

The Nikon D850 stands out with its unmatched combination of resolution, speed, autofocus capabilities, and video features. It receives perfect 5-star reviews as the best professional DSLR you can buy in 2023. The 45.7MP sensor captures staggering detail and dynamic range.

It shoots 7fps bursts with its 9-stop stabilized full-frame sensor. 153-point autofocus coverage combined with powerful scene recognition delivers precise focus even on tricky subjects. Rounding out the robust toolkit are UHD 4K video, dual card slots, and illuminated controls compatible with gloves. For studio fashion, landscape, and commercial photographers, the D850 is the pinnacle DSLR 2023.

What to Look for in the Best DSLR 2023

Here are the key buying factors and DSLR features that make the difference for photographers in 2023:

  • Image sensor – The sensor resolution, size, and design determine image detail, noise, and dynamic range performance. Look for at least 20 megapixels at entry-level and 24 to 50+ MP in higher models. Full frame sensors offer maximum quality.
  • Autofocus system – The more AF (autofocus) points, frame coverage, and features like face/eye detect, the better for capturing tack sharp shots, especially of moving subjects.
  • Image processor – Handles data from the image sensor converting to sharper JPEGs and videos. Look for the latest generation processors that enable faster shooting rates, better high ISO output, advanced metering algorithms and video capabilities.
  • Burst shooting rate – Measured in frames per seconds (fps), burst mode is critical for action photography. 8-10+ fps lets you capture key moments. Large buffers allow longer bursts.
  • Video resolutions – As important as still images to many photographers today, video should capture at least 1080p full HD, and ideally 4K UHD. Mic, headphone connections and clean HDMI out improve audio and monitoring quality.
  • Body design – Advanced DSLRs are larger but offer professional build quality and controls (like locking mode dials). Most importantly, the camera should feel comfortable in your hands during long shoots.

As you can see, today’s top-tier DSLRs like the Nikon D850 offer compelling advantages that explain their continued popularity over mirrorless models – incredible resolution and detail, fast burst rates, deep buffers, optical viewfinders, and robust professional controls and construction. Combined with extensive lens ecosystems, the best DSLR 2023 deliver performance that rivals far more expensive digital medium format systems.


From inexpensive beginner models like the Nikon D3500 to professional powerhouses like the Nikon D850, DSLR cameras have distinct strengths that make them perfect for many types of photography today. Key advantages include excellent battery life, seamless optical viewfinders, fast autofocus tracking for action, access to specialized lenses, and familiar robust controls.

Modern DSLRs now incorporate many of the latest mirrorless features as well for live view and video shooting. So there has never been a better time to invest in a DSLR system built to grow with you over years.

Whether you’re buying your first DSLR, upgrading existing lenses, or selecting a new professional workhorse, the best DSLR 2023 delivers outstanding image quality, performance and value.


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