Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens

Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens




The Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens is an exciting new addition to the Micro Four Thirds system that offers filmmakers a more affordable way to shoot with the cinematic widescreen look. With the Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens, users can capture 2.28:1 aspect ratio video internally on the GH6 camera with 5.7K anamorphic recording. Let’s take a look at what this anamorphic lens has to offer.


  • Maker: Panasonic
  • Compatible Cameras: Panasonic GH6
  • Focal Length: 25mm (50mm equivalent in full-frame)
  • Aperture Range: f/1.8 to f/22
  • Lens Groups/Elements: 12 groups, 15 elements
  • Filter Size: 72mm
  • Autofocus: Yes, contrast-detect AF
  • Image Stabilization: No
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.25m / 0.82ft
  • Magnification: 0.2x (35mm format equivalent)
  • Dimensions: 70 x 68mm
  • Weight: 335g / 11.82oz

The Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens was announced in February 2023 alongside the GH6 camera. It’s designed to offer video creators a relatively affordable lens optimized for anamorphic shooting. The 25mm focal length gives it a wide field of view equivalent to 50mm on a full-frame camera.

Anamorphic Shooting

Anamorphic lenses horizontally squeeze the image to capture a wider field of view. This allows shooting in cinematic widescreen aspect ratios like 2.39:1 when the footage is desqueezed in post. The Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens captures a 2.28:1 native anamorphic image, slightly narrower than 2.39:1 but still very cinematic.

Some key benefits of shooting anamorphic with the GH6 25mm anamorphic lens include:

  • Cinematic widescreen look
  • Reduced moire and aliasing artifacts
  • Unique lens flares and bokeh
  • Greater control over depth of field

The GH6 can record 5.7K 30p anamorphic video using the full width of the sensor. This oversampled footage can be desqueezed into 4K resolution while retaining high image quality.

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Optical Performance

Panasonic designed the GH6 25mm anamorphic lens with excellent optical performance to match the high resolution of the GH6’s 25.2MP sensor. It uses specialized glass elements to minimize aberrations and produce pleasing bokeh.

Key features:

  • Very sharp image quality across frame even when wide open at f/1.8
  • Smooth bokeh rendering thanks to 9-blade circular aperture
  • Minimal color fringing thanks to minimized chromatic aberrations
  • Excellent flare resistance with anamorphic-optimized coatings
  • Barrel distortion well-controlled for anamorphic lens

In reviews, test footage from the Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens shows excellent resolution and microcontrast. The lens can maintain good sharpness across the frame when shooting wide open, which is great for low light shooting or shallow depth of field.

The optical design produces pleasing out-of-focus areas with smooth bokeh. The 9-blade circular aperture helps render highlights in the bokeh smoothly.

Autofocus Performance

The Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens uses a stepping motor autofocus system that is fast and quiet. It utilizes 240fps sensor drive speed and optimized AF algorithms for both photo and video recording.

In reviews, the autofocus performance is very good for both stills and video:

  • Quick, precise AF acquisition even in low light
  • Smooth focus transitions when pulling focus in video
  • Useful for gimbal work with continuous AF
  • Manual focus clutch provides seamless switching to MF

The lens focuses down to 0.25m, giving a maximum magnification of 0.2x for close-up shots. The near silent autofocus makes it usable for vlogging and one-person shoots.

Design and Handling

Panasonic aimed for a compact, lightweight design for the GH6 25mm anamorphic lens to suit gimbal and run-and-gun shooting. Despite its all-metal construction, the lens only weighs 335g. The lens length is just 70mm and diameter is 68mm.

Key design features:

  • Metal lens barrel construction
  • Smooth focus and aperture ring rotation
  • Lens hood is built-in and non-removable
  • Filter thread is 72mm
  • Zoom/Focus clutch for easy switching between AF/MF
  • Buttons for AF/MF and Focus Limit selection
  • Thermochromic paint indicates temperature warnings

The lens has weather-sealing at the mount and controls to resist dust and moisture. This allows shooting in challenging conditions. The thermochromic paint that changes color based on heat levels provides a warning if the lens gets too hot in direct sunlight.

Sample Image Gallery

Here are some sample stills and video clips shot with the Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens to demonstrate its image quality and creative potential:

Pretty bokeh rendering of out-of-focus highlights. Credit: Caleb George

Striking anamorphic flares when shooting into light. Credit: Mikhail Nilov

Sample video showing smooth focus transition and bokeh. Credit: Cinema5D

Overall, the image quality shows the superb optical performance of this anamorphic lens paired with the GH6’s sensor. The classic anamorphic look is rendered beautifully.

Pros and Cons


  • Cinematic anamorphic widescreen footage
  • Excellent sharpness and flare resistance
  • Useful 50mm equivalent focal length
  • Fast, quiet autofocus performance
  • Compact size and robust build
  • 72mm filter thread for screw-on filters


  • No optical stabilization
  • Manual focus not mechanically coupled
  • Bulbous front element prevents filter holders
  • More affordable than cinema anamorphic lenses


The Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens finally brings the creative possibilities of anamorphic shooting down to a more accessible price point. For GH6 users wanting to get that cinematic ‘Scope look without going to full cinema lenses, this compact anamorphic delivers excellent quality and usability. Wireless anamorphic de-squeezing capabilities in the GH6 further round out the package for more streamlined workflows. For video shooters looking to push their productions to the next level, the Panasonic GH6 25mm anamorphic lens is an exciting new tool.



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