Smart TV Trends 2023 to Watch Out For
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Smart TV Trends to Watch Out For in 2023




The smart tv trends 2023 showcase exciting innovations that promise to elevate the viewing experience. As more streaming services and platforms emerge, smart TVs are adapting to provide seamless access and intuitiveness. Outlined below are the top 4 smart tv trends 2023 that will redefine home entertainment.

Adoption of Mini-LED Technology

Mini-LED displays are gaining widespread adoption in 2023 smart TV models. Compared to conventional LED-lit LCD panels, mini-LED backlighting offers:

  • Higher contrast ratios and deeper blacks
  • Increased brightness up to 1000+ nits
  • Better local dimming with more lighting zones

Brands releasing mini-LED smart TVs in 2023:

  • Samsung’s QN85B Neo QLED TV
  • LG’s 2023 Z3 and G3 Series OLED TVs
  • TCL’s 2023 6-Series TVs

Quantum Dot for Wider Color Gamuts

Quantum dot (QDs) are semiconductor nanocrystals that exhibit quantum mechanical properties. By precisely controlling their size and shape, specific purified colors can be produced.

Quantum dot technology helps improve smart TV picture quality through:

  • Wider color volume and saturation
  • Increased color accuracy
  • Enhanced brightness and contrast

Quantum dot enabled smart TVs in 2023:

  • Samsung QD-OLED TVs
  • Sony’s 2023 Master Series TVs
  • Hisense U8H Quantum Series

Bezel-Less Design

2023 will see more smart TV models with minimal bezels for near edge-to-edge viewing. Advances in display design and assembly allow brands to maximize the screen area while minimizing distractions.

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Bezel-less smart TVs arriving in 2023

Brand Model Series Screen Size Options
LG G3 OLED Evo Gallery Edition Up to 97 inches
Sony A95K Master Series 65, 55 inches
Samsung S95C OLED 55, 65 inches

Next-Generation Smart TV Platforms

As streaming services and content libraries grow exponentially, smart TV platforms must evolve accordingly. Next-generation platforms aim to provide seamless content aggregation, intuitiveness, and smart home connectivity.

LG webOS 23

LG’s 2023 webOS iteration delivers:

  • Enhanced connectivity between LG devices
  • Personalized profiles and recommendations
  • Immersive Dolby Atmos audio integration

Google TV

The newer Google TV interface available on Sony and TCL’s 2023 offerings provides:

  • Unified smart home controls and security cameras integration
  • Universal watchlist and personalized suggestions
  • Voice search enhancements

Samsung Smart Hub

Samsung’s 2023 Smart Hub promises to reinvent the smart TV user experience through:

  • Unified smart home management via SmartThings
  • Expanded app library with NFT support
  • Cloud gaming platform partnerships

With AI picture/audio quality optimization and ambient computing capabilities improving annually, the smart tv trends 2023 signal an exciting future for home entertainment. TVs are evolving into central smart home hubs while delivering more immersive next-generation audiovisual experiences.


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