Best Cheap Xbox Tvs for Gaming in 2023
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Best Cheap Xbox Tvs for Gaming in 2023




Gaming on an xbox tvs has become more popular than ever, but to get the most out of your xbox experience, you need a decent TV. However, there’s no need to break the bank to find a TV that can keep up with the stunning graphics and fast-paced action of modern xbox tvs games. There are plenty of budget-friendly options that still offer good quality and great performance.

This guide will highlight some of the top features to look for when shopping for cheap TVs for your xbox, provide a comparison table of some of the best affordable models in 2023, and give you 5 great budget TV picks that balance price and performance.

Key Features in Cheap Xbox TVs

When choosing an affordable TV for gaming on your xbox, there are a few key specs and features to consider:

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate determines how many frames per second (FPS) a TV can display. For gaming and fast motion, a 60Hz refresh rate is the bare minimum. However, 120Hz or higher is recommended for smooth gameplay. This allows the TV to keep up with the Xbox’s high FPS output.

Response Time

Slow response times can result in lag, input delay, and ghosting or blurring of fast-moving images. For Xbox gaming, you’ll want a low response time of less than 20ms, with the best TVs having response times of 5-10ms.


For the optimal balance of price and performance, look for 1080p or 4K resolution. While Xbox Series X/S supports up to 8K, the content is still scarce. A 4K TV allows you to take advantage of the Xbox’s 4K capabilities.

HDMI Ports

You’ll want at least two HDMI ports to connect both your Xbox and another peripheral device. HDMI 2.1 ports allow the highest bandwidth and frame rates, but aren’t necessary for affordable Xbox TVs.

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)

VRR synchronizes the refresh rate between the TV and Xbox for smooth, tear-free visuals when frame rates fluctuate. This is an important feature for gaming.

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HDR Support

TVs that support HDR (high dynamic range) rendering can display a wider range of colors and luminance. This allows for more vivid, true-to-life visuals. Look for at least HDR10.

Comparison Table

Here is a comparison of some top-rated affordable TV models that are great options for gaming with Xbox:

TV Model Screen Size Resolution Refresh Rate Response Time Ports HDR Price
TCL 5 Series 55″ 4K 120Hz 5ms 3 HDMI 2.0 Dolby Vision $$
Hisense U6 Series 55″ 4K 60Hz 9ms 2 HDMI 2.1 HDR10+ $
Samsung AU8000 50″ 4K 60Hz 8ms 2 HDMI 2.0 HDR10+ $$
Vizio V Series 50” 4K 60Hz <15ms 3 HDMI 2.0 HDR10, HLG $
LG UP7000 55″ 4K 60Hz 5ms 2 HDMI 2.0 HDR10, HLG $$

As you can see, even budget TVs today come equipped with great gaming features like low response times, HDMI 2.0/2.1 ports, and HDR support. The TCL 5 Series stands out as the best affordable option with a 120Hz refresh rate and ultra-fast response time.

5 Great Cheap Xbox TVs Picks Under $500

Based on performance, features, and reviewer ratings, here are 5 of the best TV models to consider for Xbox gaming on a budget:

1. TCL 5 Series 55S535

  • 4K QLED panel with 120Hz refresh rate
  • Excellent low 5ms response time
  • VRR support and THX Certified Game Mode
  • Roku TV interface and voice controls
  • HDR Pro Pack with Dolby Vision

Priced under $500, the TCL 5 Series tops many lists as the best budget gaming TV thanks to its lightning-fast response time, 120Hz refresh rate, and support for advanced gaming features to optimize Xbox gameplay.

2. Hisense U6 Series 55U6H

  • Quantum Dot panel for over 1 billion colors
  • IMAX Enhanced 4K visuals
  • Smooth VRR and ALLM auto low-latency gaming
  • Bright 600 nits peak brightness
  • Google Assistant and Alexa built-in

The Hisense U6 series punches above its weight class in terms of gaming performance on the Xbox platform. With ultra-fast response times and ALLM auto game mode, motion looks buttery smooth.

3. Samsung AU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV

  • Crystal 4K UHD processor upscales content
  • Supports HDR10+ high dynamic range
  • Motion Xcelerator for fast gaming action
  • Xbox Sound Mode and Game Enhancer Mode
  • Slim design and Boundless screen

Samsung is renowned for its display technology, and the AU8000 series brings many of the brand’s gaming enhancements to an affordable price point. It’s perfectly suited for Xbox gaming and media entertainment.

4. Vizio V Series 50” V515-H10

  • IQ Active processor delivers great 4K detail
  • HDR gaming support with HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG
  • Smooth low-lag AMD FreeSync variable refresh rate
  • SmartCast interface with Chromecast built-in
  • Voice commands for Xbox game controls

Vizio TVs excel when it comes to gaming performance. The V Series packs premium features like VRR AMD FreeSync and ultra-low input lag with an approachable price tag.

5. LG UP7000 55” 55UP7000PUF

  • Real 4K clarity and Quad Core processor
  • HDR10 and HLG for expanded color and contrast
  • LG’s fast 5ms response time
  • IPS display with wide viewing angles
  • WebOS smart platform and built-in apps

LG’s affordable UP7000 model comes packed with gaming-focused innovations not typically found at this price point. It brings LG’s lauded picture quality, smooth gaming performance, and smart OS all for under $500.

Find Your Match from the Best Cheap Xbox TVs

While everyone’s budget and needs are a bit different, this guide has highlighted some excellent cheap TVs for gaming with Xbox available in 2023. Key features like refresh rate, response time, HDMI 2.1, and gaming modes provide smooth, lag-free visuals to get the most out of your Xbox console.

Brands like TCL, Hisense, Samsung, Vizio, and LG are pushing premium gaming specs into budget-tier pricing, so you can get advanced displays with VRR, 4K 120Hz screens, and more without breaking the bank. Use this guide to compare top affordable models and find the perfect xbox TVs match for your gaming setup and price range!


Specifications and pricing from official manufacturer websites


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