Nest Thermostat 2023 - Features, Comparison, and Setup Guide
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Nest Thermostat 2023 – Features, Comparison, and Setup Guide




The Nest Thermostat 2023 line offers innovative features to help you save energy and control your home’s temperature from anywhere. This smart thermostat learns your habits and adjusts itself automatically for comfort and savings. Read on to learn about the latest Nest Thermostat 2023 models, their features, how they compare, plus tips for setup.

Nest Thermostat 2023 Lineup

The Google-owned Nest Thermostat 2023 series includes three models:

  • Nest Thermostat – The basic Nest Thermostat 2023 with intelligent learning ability
  • Nest Thermostat E – An affordable Nest Thermostat 2023 option made of recycled materials
  • Nest Learning Thermostat – The higher-end Nest Thermostat 2023 with the most advanced features

Features Comparison

Feature Nest Thermostat Nest Thermostat E Nest Learning Thermostat
Touchscreen display
Farsight (shows info from a distance)
HVAC monitoring
Home/Away Assist
Smart Learning Basic Basic Advanced
Remote control App only App only App + browser
Energy History & Reports
Nest Temperature Sensor Sold separately Bundled Bundled
Premium metal design

The flagship Nest Learning Thermostat has the most features, like advanced smart learning, remote browser access, and a polished metal exterior finish. But the basic plastic Nest Thermostat still offers intelligent control plus handy perks like HVAC monitoring and Home/Away Assist at a more affordable price point.

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Nest Thermostat 2023 Key Features

Some standout benefits available on all or select Nest Thermostat 2023 models include:

Smart Learning

Learns from your manual temperature adjustments and establishes a custom schedule in about a week. All models have basic learning that improves over time. The higher-end Nest Learning Thermostat has the most advanced algorithms.


Automatically wakes and shows the target temp when you walk by so you can see it from across the room. Helpful for checking settings without having to touch the thermostat.

Home/Away Assist

Uses the built-in motion sensor to detect when you’re home vs away and adjusts the temperature automatically to save energy. No need to manually change modes.

Remote Control

Lets you adjust your Nest Thermostat 2023 via smartphone app or laptop browser (browser available on Learning model only).

Energy History & Reports

View detailed reports on your HVAC runtime plus tips for more savings. See how weather and other factors impact your energy use over time.

Nest Thermostat 2023: Installation Tips

Installing your Nest Thermostat 2023 yourself is totally doable if you follow a few key tips:

  • Turn off power – Shut off power to your existing thermostat at the breaker before removing wires
  • Take a photo – Use your phone to take a close-up picture of the wiring setup before changing anything
  • Install the baseplate – Mount the Nest baseplate using the included screws and wall anchors if needed
  • Connect wires properly – Attach each wire coming from your HVAC system to the matching connector on the baseplate
  • Attach the thermostat – Once wired up securely, gently push the display onto the baseplate until it clicks
  • Turn power back on – Return power to the thermostat and follow the on-screen setup prompts

If you get stuck or unsure of any step, contact Nest support or consider hiring a professional installer for assistance.


With intelligent features like smart learning, automatic adjustments when you’re home or away, handy remote access, and detailed energy-use reports, the Nest Thermostat 2023 line provides both comfort and energy savings. The higher-end Nest Learning Thermostat packs the most features, while the affordable Nest Thermostat still offers intelligent control to help reduce your HVAC costs. Carefully follow the wiring instructions for smooth DIY installation or get professional help if needed. With a mix of convenience and efficiency, the Nest Thermostat 2023 models let you take control of your home’s temperature anywhere.



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