Get Connected with TP Link Kasa Smart Plugs
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Get Connected with TP Link Kasa Smart Plugs




Smart home technology allows you to control devices in your home remotely using your smartphone or voice commands. TP Link Kasa smart plugs are an easy and affordable way to make basic appliances like lamps, fans, and coffee makers “smart”. Here is a comprehensive guide to TP ink Kasa smart plugs covering features, setup, app control, automation, and popular models.

Overview of TP Link Kasa Smart Plug Capabilities

Some key things you can do with TP Link Kasa smart plugs include:

  • Remote control – Turn devices on/off from anywhere via the Kasa app
  • Voice control – Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands
  • Scheduling – Set timers and schedules for devices to turn on/off automatically
  • Away mode – Randomly turn connected devices on/off to simulate occupancy when you’re away
  • Usage monitoring – View real-time and historical energy usage data
  • IFTTT support – Enable interaction with other smart devices and web services

TP-Link Kasa smart plugs are relatively affordable, easy to set up, widely compatible, and come in both indoor and outdoor options. Key specs like the max load and amperage may vary by model.

A Simple Set Up Process

Setting up a TP-Link Kasa smart plug takes just a few minutes:

  1. Download the Kasa Smart app (available for iOS and Android)
  2. Create an account if you don’t already have one
  3. Open the app to add the device and follow the on-screen pairing process
  4. For dual band routers, choose the 5GHz Wi-Fi network for faster response times
  5. Name the device and assign it to a room in your home
  6. Optionally enable Away Mode or schedules during setup

And that’s it – you can now control the connected device right from the Kasa app! Most users find the pairing process quick, easy, and intuitive.

Compatibility Requirements

TP-Link Kasa smart plugs are compatible with:

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz networks
  • Mobile OS: iOS 9 or higher, Android 4 or higher
  • Web Browsers: IE 10+, Chrome 31.0+, Firefox 30+, Safari 9+
  • Voice Assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Do note that a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network is required as Kasa smart plugs do not support 5GHz networks.

Granular Control from the Kasa App

The Kasa Smart app enables extensive control over connected TP-Link Kasa smart plugs:

Key App Features

  • Remotely turn devices on/off from anywhere
  • Scheduling by time of day or sunrise/sunset
  • Timer function to set auto shut off countdowns
  • Away mode with random on/off simulation
  • Monitor real-time energy usage in watts/hour/month
  • Review full historical usage reports
  • Multi-user support to share access

You can do everything needed for basic on/off control right within the Kasa Smart app.

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Automations and Integrations

In addition to the native features, you can connect TP-Link Kasa smart plugs into broader smart home ecosystems:

  • IFTTT applets to link with other IFTTT-enabled services and triggers
  • Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control
  • SmartThings – Custom device handler for integration with Samsung SmartThings

This allows you to do things like create voice commands, link lighting scenes to a Kasa smart plug, or trigger based on temperature readings from sensors. The possibilities expand significantly with 3rd party integrations.

Energy Monitoring for Reduced Usage

A key feature of TP-Link Kasa smart plugs is the ability to view real-time and historical energy usage. This allows you to:

  • Identify inefficient devices drawing excess energy
  • Calculate costs based on kW/hour rates in your area
  • Set schedules, timers, and rules to reduce energy use
  • See impact from usage changes over days/weeks/months

Research by Energy Star shows smart plug usage monitoring can lead to 5-15% energy savings over time. Little changes like shutting off devices not in use lead to real savings – data from Kasa smart plugs helps identify areas for improvement.

Durable and Safe Outdoor Options


If you’re looking to control outdoor lighting, holiday displays, or appliances exposed to weather, TP-Link offers heavy duty Kasa Outdoor Smart Plugs:

  • IP64 weather resistance rating
  • Operating temperatures between -10° to 50° Celsius
  • Durable UL certified housing and internals
  • 15A overload and surge protection

The outdoor Kasa models provide the same remote access, voice control, scheduling, and usage monitoring as the indoor versions. But with enhanced durability and electrical protections.

Compare Popular TP-Link Kasa Models

There are several TP-Link Kasa smart plug models available at a range of price points and specs:

Plug Type Model # Key Specs Description
Indoor (Slim) HS103P2 10A max, needs neutral wire, compact design Compact form factor ideal for plugging in behind furniture
Indoor (Standard) HS105 Not energy monitoring capable, no neutral wire required Affordable option for basic control in existing outlets
Outdoor KP400 IP64 weatherproof, 15A max load, 5-50°C operating temp Rugged heavy duty smart plug designed for outdoor usage
Power Strip KP303 3 smart outlets controlled individually/as a group, 10A per port Single hub to control multiple devices using 3 outlet design

The slim plug (HS103P2) is popular due to the small footprint, while the standard (HS105) can use almost any ungrounded outlet. The outdoor and power strip models provide versatility for specific applications.

Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home

A benefit of Kasa smart plugs is native integration with leading voice assistants – allowing hands free voice control.

Common voice commands include:


  • “Alexa, turn on the bedside lamp”
  • “Alexa, turn off the humidifier”

Google Assistant

  • “Hey Google, set fan to high speed”
  • “Turn on the outdoor lights in 10 minutes”

After initially linking your TP-Link account, you can control Kasa smart plugs through any Alexa/Google Assistant enabled device.

Safety First with UL Certification

As a trusted leader in smart home technology, TP-Link Kasa smart plugs adhere to the highest safety and quality standards.

Key safety features include:

  • Rigorous product testing during R&D
  • Validation of safety mechanisms and fail safes
  • Evaluation of electrical protections such as overload protection
  • Strict compliance with local standards and certifications

TP-Link ensures all products meet or exceed regulations like FCC, UL, CE, RoHS for product safety. With certifications from agencies like TUV Rheinland and ETL, you can trust Kasa smart plugs meet the highest quality and safety benchmarks.


With their affordable price point, wide compatibility, sturdy hardware, polished app, and voice assistant access, TP-Link Kasa smart plugs are a smart purchase. They make it simple to transform basic appliances and fixtures into connected smart devices.

Remote power control, schedules, countdown timers, away modes, and energy monitoring combine to deliver robust but accessible smart home capabilities. And integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and IFTTT provide ample options to unlock further home automation possibilities.

For easy and reliable smart home control, TP-Link’s line of Kasa smart plugs deliver on all fronts. They provide comprehensive features, millisecond-fast response times, and the flexibility to support expansion to meet future needs.

So whether you’re looking for no hassle smart lighting, outdoor weatherproof power control, or granular insight into device energy consumption, Kasa smart plugs tick all the boxes. They provide a frictionless entry point into the connected home ecosystem.


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