Finding the Right Paternity Testing Attorney
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Finding the Right Paternity Testing Attorney


Paternity testing attorney cases can be complex and emotional. Having the right legal guidance can make all the difference in securing your parental rights and responsibilities. This article provides an overview of key considerations when choosing a paternity testing attorney to represent you.

Understanding Paternity Testing

Paternity testing attorney cases start with establishing biological paternity through DNA tests. DNA paternity tests analyze genetic markers inherited from both parents to determine probability of parenthood. Results showing 99% or higher probability are generally accepted as confirmation of legal paternity.

Paternity testing can be done during pregnancy on fetal DNA from the mother’s bloodstream. After birth, samples for testing usually come from cheek swabs of alleged father and child. Court orders are usually required for testing if consent from both parents is not obtained.

When to Hire a Paternity Testing Attorney

There are a few key situations where consulting a paternity testing attorney is advised:

  • You wish to establish legal rights as a biological father
  • The mother denies you access to the child
  • You need an order compelling paternity testing
  • You wish to challenge or defend against paternity allegations
  • Complex child support calculations are involved
  • Adoption or surrogacy agreements are in dispute

An experienced paternity testing attorney can help navigate contentious cases to reach fair resolutions. They advise on legal strategy and procedural rules in your state.

How Paternity Testing Attorneys Can Help

Some of the key ways a paternity testing attorney can help:

  • Counsel you on state laws regarding paternity tests
  • Draft affidavit to request court ordered paternity testing
  • Review paternity test results and challenge errors if needed
  • Handle related custody, visitation and child support motions
  • Negotiate out-of-court settlements when possible
  • Defend against false paternity claims
  • Appear in court on your behalf if a trial becomes needed

Choosing the Right Paternity Testing Attorney

As you evaluate paternity testing attorneys, here are some key considerations:

Specialized Expertise

Look for an attorney focusing specifically on paternity law rather than a general practice lawyer. Handling complex paternity issues requires niche experience. Ask about the percentage of practice devoted to paternity cases.

Case History and Results

When interviewing attorneys, ask about their track record with cases similar to yours. Review public court records to determine their success. Check client reviews regarding responsiveness and care shown for clients’ personal situations.

Accessibility and Communication

The attorney you choose should be readily available to answer your calls and questions. You want someone who listens carefully and explains legal aspects in understandable language. Ensure you will have direct contact and support.

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Get clear estimates upfront for legal fees and potential trial costs. Paternity testing attorney fees can vary widely. Ask if they provide free consultations and flexible payment plans.

State Bar Certification

Verify your attorney is licensed and in good standing with your state bar association with no history of disciplinary issues.

Here is a comparison table highlighting key factors in choosing a paternity testing attorney:

Attorney Name Experience Track Record Fees Bedside Manner Overall
John Smith 20 years,

95% paternity cases

72% case win rate $250/hour

Free consultation

Excellent –


Jane Wilson 12 years,

60% paternity cases

65% case win rate` $150/hour Good – efficient **
Bill Anderson 6 years,

80% paternity cases

78% case win rate $325/hour Average *


Having the right legal expertise on your side can make all the difference when dealing with complex paternity testing attorney issues. Take time to understand credentials, experience, costs and communications style when selecting your attorney. With an experienced paternity testing lawyer guiding you, you can feel empowered to establish rights as a parent and do what is best for your child.

Disclaimer: Article for informational purposes only. Specific legal advice should be obtained from licensed local counsel.

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