Choosing the Right Burn Injury Attorneys 
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Choosing the Right Burn Injury Attorneys 


Suffering a severe burn injury can completely upend your life. In addition to excruciating physical pain and emotional trauma, you may face months of treatment, rehabilitation, and lost income. Far too often, burn injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence. If this was the case for you, it’s critical that you have the right burn injury attorneys on your side to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Understanding Burn Injuries and Their Common Causes

According to the American Burn Association (ABA), there are nearly 500,000 burn injuries requiring medical treatment every year in the United States. Of those, approximately 40,000 cases require hospitalization – with burn injuries accounting for 30% of all intensive care unit admissions across the country [1].

While many burns are relatively minor, more severe burns often result from:

  • Defective products – Such as flammable clothing, electronics with manufacturing defects, dangerous chemicals in cleaning products or cosmetics, etc.
  • Motor vehicle crashes – Particularly when gas tanks ignite or vehicles catch fire after a collision.
  • Fires or expulsions – From gas lines, heaters, stoves, or other household items and appliances.
  • Workplace accidents – With industrial chemicals, fires, explosions, and high voltage electrocutions being common causes.

When another party is responsible for your burn through negligence, recklessness, or misconduct, you deserve compensation. An experienced burn injury attorney can build a strong case to hold them fully accountable.

Why You Need a Qualified Burn Injury Lawyer

The physical, financial, and emotional impacts of a serious burn often last a lifetime. You may spend months going through excruciating wound care, surgery, rehabilitation and other treatments. Many patients describe recovery and physical therapy for burns as being just as painful as the initial injury.

You also likely face dramatic lost wages or diminished earning capacity if disabled or scarred. Plus mountains of medical bills and other out-of-pocket expenses. Quality health insurance and worker’s compensation don’t always provide enough coverage.

Navigating the legal process after a burn injury also presents many challenges by itself:

  • Burns often involve highly complex legal claims requiring extensive investigation and expert testimony to prove liability or produce needed evidence. An experienced attorney has the resources and knowledge to build the strongest case possible.
  • Insurance companies fight hard to dispute claims and pin blame elsewhere to avoid paying fair compensation. Skilled litigators know how to stand up to deceptive tactics.
  • Serious burns frequently lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement – translating to considerable pain and suffering damages. However, calculating these subjective awards requires specialized legal expertise.
  • If a defective product or unsafe property contributed to your accident, the negligent parties and their insurance companies rarely admit fault easily without being pressed hard through assertive representation.

Without the right guidance securing compensation, you could be left paying the price for someone else’s negligence for years to come. Retaining a qualified burn injury attorney levels the playing field.

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Finding the Best Burn Injury Lawyer for You

Not all personal injury attorneys handle burn and fire cases regularly. When researching the best legal help for your situation, you want to look for:

Experience and Focus: Above all, ask about the lawyer’s specific background handling burn and fire injury litigation. How many similar cases have they taken to trial or built successful settlements? Extensive focused experience with these often highly complex cases is vital.

Resources and Fire/Burn Expertise: Proving liability and negligence in a burn case requires in-depth investigation and specialty expert testimony. A top-notch lawyer has the resources in house or strong professional connections providing this fire science and medical evidence.

Track Record of Results: The strongest indicator of potential success reaching maximum case value is a proven history of delivering for past burn clients. Ask any prospective attorney about their settlement rates and average injury case values. High marks in both areas indicates strong litigation and negotiation skills.

Stellar Client Reviews: The best measure of a lawyer’s ability to deliver helpful, compassionate support through legal challenges is the feedback of those they have served. Do they have glowing testimonials and rave reviews from former clients? This shows their commitment to client service.

By thoroughly vetting and selecting your burn injury attorney using criteria like this, you put yourself in the best position to receive a full and fair settlement or court award.

How an Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer Helps You

With an elite burn injury attorney guiding your case, you gain an invaluable asset to ease your financial and emotional burden so recovery becomes the sole focus. Your lawyer lifts the legal load off your shoulders across every phase including:

Investigating your Accident & Gathering Evidence: They utilize fire science and engineering experts to recreate the scene, pinpoint causes, and demonstrate negligence. For product liability claims, they enlist defect and malfunction evidence.

Dealing with Insurance Companies: Top burn attorneys have seen all the tactics insurers use to lowball victims or avoid paying out. They fight back against delays or deception tactics and have the savvy to negotiate firmly for maximum settlements.

Compiling Medical & Financial Documentation: They gather all required documents detailing your injuries, treatment costs, lost income, diminished capacity, and calculated future expenses.

Determining Legal Strategy & Best Course of Action: Based on the gathered evidence and elements of your unique case, your lawyer maps the optimal legal course towards the compensation you deserve – including determining when settlement or trial is right.

Preparing Your Case for Settlement or Trial: Strong presentation of a claimant’s damages and losses paired with irrefutable evidence of negligence is how high value verdicts and settlements are won. Your legal team handles all aspects of meticulously compiling this for success.

Helping You Rebuild Your Life: With their compassionate counsel and ability to maximize your financial recovery, an elite burn injury lawyer provides critical support so you can heal, restore your income capabilities as much as possible, and move positively into your post-injury future.

Suffering extreme burns due to someone else’s risky or reckless behavior should never be minimized or go uncompensated. By trusting an accomplished burn injury attorney to fight for justice, you gain an ally ensuring you receive the money damages to recover fully while holding negligent parties fully accountable.


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