Samsung qled 2023 - What to Expect 
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Samsung qled 2023 – What to Expect 




Samsung qled 2023 TVs are set to be unveiled early this year, bringing upgraded display technology, smarter platforms, and new features to Samsung’s flagship televisions. As a leader in QLED (quantum dot LED) TVs, Samsung strives each year to enhance its offerings for home entertainment. From improvements to picture quality and sound to more seamless smart connectivity and intelligence, Samsung’s 2023 QLED lineup aims to be its most advanced yet.

Display Technology Upgrades

samsung qled 2023 TVs will utilize Samsung’s latest developments in quantum dot and backlight technology for optimal picture performance.

  • Quantum Dots – With each new lineup, Samsung increases the number, size, and composition of quantum dots in its QLED 4K and 8K panels. Quantum dots produce exceptionally pure color and brightness. Expect even better wide color gamut capabilities and heightened color volume from 2023 QLED TVs.
  • Precision Black Local Dimming Pro – Building on previous local dimming implementations, Samsung’s Precision Black Local Dimming Pro divides the TV’s backlight into 16 zones and adapts dimming capability in each one for superior contrast between bright and dark areas of the picture. This helps reveal shadow detail and nuanced lighting transitions.

Smarter AI Picture Processing

Samsung QLED 2023 TVs will run the latest Neo Quantum Processor powered by deep learning artificial intelligence. Advancements over previous Neo Quantum Processors include:

  • Enhanced upscaling – The processor’s AI neural networks analyze picture characteristics to upscale lower resolution material to each Samsung screen’s native resolution, whether 4K or 8K, with increased clarity and reduced artifacts.
  • Intelligent detail enhancement – Similarly, AI picture processing adds realistic detail and depth to imagery, improving texture, edges, and surface reflectivity for lifelike realism.

Immersive Object Tracking Sound Pro

Matching the exceptional video capability of samsung qled 2023 TVs is upgraded audio performance through Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound Pro technology. Key features include:

  • Expanded speaker channels – Top-of-the-line models contain more built-in speakers than previous generations, some with as many as 10 channels enveloping the viewer with multidimensional sound.
  • Up-firing speakers – Incorporating speakers embedded in the TV enclosure that project sound upward and reflect it off ceilings expands the perceived height of audio for more immersion.
  • AI processing – Neural networks enable Object Tracking Sound Pro to perceptually map sonic elements of the mix to precise locations around the viewer for pinpoint accuracy.

Smarter Tizen-based Platform

The smart TV platform built into samsung qled 2023 models also gets an intelligence boost by continually learning viewer preferences. Features include:

Capability Description
Content recommendations Leverages an automatic understanding of individual interests to suggest new movies, shows, music and more aligned with what someone likes.
Single dashboard Consolidates entertainment options, smart home controls, Samsung services and more into one easy-to-access screen.
Intelligent voice Far-field mics recognize and adapt to the viewer’s voice to improve command success rates. Voice control works alongside cloud-based assistants like Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant.
Gaming dashboard Automatically organizes the gaming landscape by game genre, most played games, recently added games, etc. to simplify access and discovery.

Lifestyle-Focused Design

Beyond best-in-class performance, Samsung emphasizes aesthetically pleasing design in its 2023 QLED lineup. Bezels stay thin to draw focus to the display, while rear panels assume an understated, artistic look. Ambient Mode allows for mirroring content or artwork when the TV is not actively in use. And a range of mount and stand options enable flexible placement or concealment. Expect distinct minimalist styling perfect for any living space.

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With game-changing brightness, contrast, color, motion clarity and sound, as well as smarter features throughout, samsung qled 2023 QLED televisions represent Samsung’s state-of-the-art display tech achievement. Experiencing the enhanced realism these TVs provide requires seeing and hearing them firsthand. Visit a retail showroom when 2023 models become available to fully appreciate their spectacular viewing and entertainment abilities.


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