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One of the latest innovations in outdoor entertainment technology is the samsung outdoor tv terrace – a weatherproof TV designed specifically for outdoor use.

Overview of the samsung outdoor tv terrace

The samsung outdoor tv terrace is a 4K QLED outdoor television introduced by Samsung in 2020. Here are some key features of this outdoor TV:

  • Durable design – Built with an IP55 weather rating, this TV is designed to withstand outdoor elements like rain, dust, insects and temperatures fluctuations. The anti-corrosion coating protects against sea fog as well.
  • Bright display – With a peak brightness of 2000 nits, the QLED display is visible even in daylight. The matte screen finish helps reduce glare.
  • Inbuilt speakers – There are two 10W speakers built into the TV, providing clear and powerful audio suitable for outdoor spaces.
  • Ambient mode – When not in use, the TV blends into your outdoor décor by displaying enticing visuals or pictures rather than turning into a black screen.
  • Cable management – Cables can be neatly run through the stand to keep connections tidy. The only cable exposed is the power cord.
  • Smart TV platform – Powered by Tizen OS, it provides access to many streaming apps and casting capabilities. Integrates with other Samsung SmartThings products.

Over the last few years, the samsung outdoor tv terrace has become the gold standard for outdoor TVs given its robust build quality, stellar display performance, smooth smart TV experience and decent audio output.

Uses and Benefits of an Outdoor TV

Installing an outdoor television like the samsung outdoor tv terrace provides many benefits:

Entertainment for Outdoor Living Areas

The primary advantage is entertainment for outdoor spaces:

  • Watch movies and TV shows on the patio
  • Catch the big game while grilling in the yard
  • Play music videos during outdoor parties
  • Stream content from various apps
  • Cast content from mobile devices

It transforms previously underutilized areas into entertainment destinations, letting you enjoy media outdoors all-year-round regardless of the weather or sunlight.

Ambiance and Decor

Even when switched off, the samsung outdoor tv terrace adds ambiance and personality to your outdoor space with its ambient mode. You can display decorative artwork, calming scenery videos or personal photos. It essentially serves as a unique weatherproof digital picture frame!

Home Automation Hub

Integrated with Samsung SmartThings, this outdoor TV can act as a control hub for your outdoor smart home devices and appliances. For instance, display and adjust settings for smart lighting, robotic pool cleaners, sprinkler systems, outdoor security cameras and more using the TV’s interface.

Durability and Longevity

The IP55 rating guarantees weather resistance for years while the anti-corrosion coating protects against oxidative damage from moisture, heat and sunlight exposure. So you can install this TV outdoors without worrying about longevity or having to replace it every few years due to environmental wear and tear.

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How to Choose the Ideal Outdoor TV

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting an outdoor television:

Consideration Details
Brightness 1000-2000 nits for viewing under sunlight
Viewing angle At least 178° for wider visibility
Video resolution 4K for best image clarity
HDR support HDR10 and HDR10+ for improved contrast/brightness
Panel technology LED, QLED or OLED for color and brightness
Refresh rate At least 60Hz for smooth motion
Weather rating IP55 or higher water/dust protection
Audio output At least 20W built-in speakers
Smart interface WebOS, Android TV or similar for streaming apps
Connectivity ports HDMI, USB, Ethernet, WiFi for device connections
Price $2000 to $5000 for premium models

The samsung outdoor tv terrace checks all the right boxes when it comes to the requirements above. The QLED 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 2000 nit peak brightness and integrated soundbar makes it a versatile high-end outdoor TV.

samsung outdoor tv terrace Series Models and Prices

Samsung currently offers the samsung outdoor tv terrace in 3 different models catering to varying sizes and budgets:

Model Screen Size Resolution Sound Output Price
Terrace Lite 55 inches 4K 20W $3299

Terrace| 65 inches| 4K | 40W| $4999| Terrace Premier | 75 inches | 4K | 60W |$6499|

While the Terrace Lite is the most affordable variant, it misses out on higher brightness and has less powerful sound. The Terrace Premier is best suited for spacious outdoor areas given its extra-large screen and beefy integrated soundbar.

Installation and Placement Guide

Proper installation is key to get the best viewing experience from the samsung outdoor tv terrace while protecting it from long-term damage.

Wall Mounting

Wall mounting is recommended to keep the TV safe from accidents and improve cable management. You will need:

  • Outdoor VESA wall mount
  • Power drill
  • Stud finder
  • TV mounting screws

Adhere to Samsung’s guidelines for acceptable tilt angles and weight capacities when selecting the mount.

Adequate Overhang

Install under a patio roof or gazebo-style covering to protect from direct exposure to rain, sunlight and other elements. This covering should extend at least 0.9 m (3 feet) past the edges of the TV.

Airflow and Ventilation

Leave at least 2 inches clearance on all sides for airflow so heat can properly dissipate from the TV’s components. Avoid enclosing it tightly in cabinets.

GFCI Protection

Use an outdoor-rated GFCI receptacle or GFCI power outlet to plug in the TV as an added safety measure. This will prevent electrical accidents due to voltage fluctuations.

TV Height

For the optimal viewing angle, mount at eye level while seated. For standing viewers, place 60 inches off the floor.

Maintaining and Caring for an Outdoor TV

Here is a quick maintenance checklist to get the most out of a samsung outdoor tv terrace:

  • Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe away debris/dirt regularly
  • Apply weatherproof TV screen coating monthly to improve water beading
  • Keep ventilation ports clear of dust obstruction
  • Install a small roof or awning above TV if fully exposed
  • Disconnect and store indoors during extreme weather events
  • Consider weatherproof outdoor TV cover when not in use
  • Ensure GFCI outlet works properly via testing
  • Inspect cables and ports for damage before connecting
  • Mount securely using recommended hardware

This comprehensive maintenance will maximize operational lifespan.

Why Choose Samsung Terrace over Other Brands

The samsung outdoor tv terrace stands in a class of its own when compared to other outdoor television models in the market.

Picture quality – Samsung QLED technology outperforms competing brands with better brightness, deeper black levels and vibrant HDR-enabled colors.

Sound – Beefy built-in woofers and tweeter arrays create a formidable outdoor soundbar free from additional speaker wiring.

Smart features – Tizen OS offers a polished interface and app selection on par with Samsung’s indoor TVs.

Durability – Aluminum casing and weatherproofing can better withstand years of hot/cold/wet outdoor conditions.

Design – Bezel-less infinity screen and no gap wall mount provides a sleeker aesthetic compared to competitors.

Warranty – 2 year standard warranty includes on-site servicing for TV defects/repair issues.

Ecosystem integration – Native compatibility with Samsung SmartThings for controlling other connected devices.

If you seek the most premium 4K QLED outdoor viewing experience with smart connectivity, the Terrace series triumphs over rivals.


The samsung outdoor tv terrace delivers an unparalleled outdoor entertainment solution thanks to the durable IP55 weatherproof construction paired with state-of-the-art display and audio. It transforms backyards and patios into personal sports bars, home theaters and gaming venues. While the steep price tag keeps it restricted to high-end buyers, this future-proof investment pays dividends for years down the line by enhancing outdoor living. If you routinely entertain guests outdoors and want technology built to handle the outdoors long-term, the Terrace should be at the top of your wishlist!

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