Restraining Order Lawyers Can Help You Get Protection
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Restraining Order Lawyers Can Help You Get Protection


Getting a restraining order can be an important step to protect yourself or your family from harm. However, the legal process of obtaining one can be complex. Working with an experienced restraining order lawyer can greatly improve your chances of getting a restraining order approved.

When Do You Need a Restraining Order Lawyer?

There are several situations where you may want to consult a restraining order attorney:

  • You are in an abusive relationship and fear for your safety
  • You are being stalked or harassed and want it to stop
  • You are being threatened with violence by someone
  • You want to protect your children from an abusive ex-partner

A qualified restraining order lawyer can:

  • Advise you on the types of orders available
  • Help prepare the required paperwork
  • Represent you in court hearings
  • Increase the chance of getting your order approved

Understanding Restraining Order Basics

There are a few key things to understand about restraining orders:

Types of Orders

There are several types of protection orders:

Order Description
Emergency Protective Order Short-term protection ordered without notification or hearing
Temporary Restraining Order Short-term order lasts a few weeks until a hearing
Restraining Order After Hearing Longer-term order lasts typically 1-3 years
Civil Harassment Order Broad order for harassment situations
Domestic Violence Order For violence/abuse between family or partners

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost to file a restraining order in {state name} is typically about ${cost} in court fees. You do not need to hire an attorney to request an order. However, having a restraining order attorney on your side can be extremely helpful during the process and court hearing. Many offer free initial consultations.

Violating The Order Is a Crime

It is a criminal offense to violate a valid restraining order. Penalties include fines and even jail time. An experienced restraining order lawyer can help document violations and represent you at violation hearings.

The Restraining Order Court Process

Obtaining a restraining order involves legal filings, court hearings, and presentations before a judge. Key steps include:

  • Step 1) Consult with a restraining order attorney about your situation
  • Step 2) Complete restraining order forms detailing the reasons you need protection
  • Step 3) File the forms at your local courthouse, including any evidence
  • Step 4) Attend the court hearing & testify (with your lawyer) before a judge
  • Step 5) If approved, serve the order on the restrained person by a process server
  • Step 6) Attend any additional hearings related to violations or renewals

Having an experienced lawyer for restraining orders guide you through this process can make all the difference.

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Questions a Restraining Order Lawyer Can Answer

Speaking with a qualified attorney can help ensure you understand the restraining order process and achieve the best outcome. Questions to ask include:

  • What are my options for a restraining order case?
  • What is needed to improve my chances for approval?
  • How do I gather evidence to support my case?
  • How do I prepare testimony most effectively?
  • What happens if the restrained person violates the order?
  • Can I renew the restraining order upon expiration?

What to Look for in a Restraining Order Attorney

If you decide to hire a lawyer, it’s important to find the right one. Key qualifications to seek out include:

  • Specialized expertise with restraining orders
  • Familiarity with local courts and judges
  • Strong record of success with approvals
  • Practice focused on domestic violence or family law
  • Compassionate with trauma-informed approach
  • Available to represent you in hearings
  • Offers reasonable, transparent pricing

Cost of a Restraining Order Lawyer

Hiring a restraining order lawyer can vary in cost depending on experience level and location. Typical price ranges include:

  • $200 – $300 per hour
  • $1,500 – $3,000 retainer fee
  • $300 – $800 for court representation

Many lawyers offer free consultations so you can understand pricing options before committing.

Alternatives to Hiring a Lawyer

If hiring an attorney is not feasible, there are alternatives:

  • courts have self-help resources online
  • Court clerks may provide forms and basic guidance
  • Local domestic violence agencies offer legal advocacy
  • Paralegals and legal document preparers can help with paperwork
  • Law schools provide low-cost legal clinics

However, a restraining order lawyer will best represent your interests in court.


Getting protection through a restraining order can improve safety but the legal process is often difficult without representation. A qualified restraining order attorney can guide you through every step, handle communication, document evidence effectively, and advocate for you in court hearings to give you the best chance of approval. They can also defend you if any violations occur down the road. Take the first step today by consulting with a lawyer experienced in these sensitive cases.

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