Tax Lien Lawyers - Your Guide to Handle
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Tax Lien Lawyers – Your Guide to Handle


Tax lien lawyers are specialized attorneys who help property owners resolve overdue property taxes and related financial hardships. If you have fallen behind on paying your taxes or have received notice of a lien from the government, tax lien lawyers are your allies to achieving relief. This article answers some of the most commonly asked questions about using tax lien lawyers to tackle tax delinquency and to reclaim your property.

Why Hire a Tax Lien Lawyer?

Tax lien lawyers have expertise in tax law and can navigate the often confusing and intimidating process to resolve your tax debt and remove liens. Reasons to consider hiring a tax lien lawyer include:

  • They fully understand the complex tax codes and deadlines as they relate to property liens.
  • They can formally communicate with tax authorities and deal with notices on your behalf.
  • They have proven strategies to reduce the amount or consequences of your tax debt.
  • They can negotiate and propose repayment plans or settlements.
  • They defend your rights and fight to keep delinquency from going to a tax deed sale.
  • They file appeals or other legal actions when necessary.

Tax lien lawyers have the knowledge and skills to proactively intervene in your situation to remove liens, stop penalties from accruing, defend your rights, and ultimately help you retain ownership of your home or land. With your legal rights at risk, their counsel is invaluable.

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How a Tax Lien Lawyer Can Help Remove a Lien

When a local government places a tax lien on your property, it entitles them to sell your property at a tax deed sale to recover unpaid taxes. This allows them to foreclose on your property and evict you from your home or land. Tax lien lawyers have finely-tuned litigation skills to fight illegal foreclosure and eviction procedures. They also have various methods to resolve delinquency and remove liens legally, such as:

  • Initiating bankruptcy procedures to halt collections while working on a settlement plan
  • Negotiating installment payment plans with tax collectors
  • Proving an improper sale/foreclosure occurred
  • Asserting a redemption right to buy back property already sold
  • Requesting lien removal after taxes get paid
  • Asking for tax forgiveness programs based on hardship
  • Appealing lien amounts or penalties accrued

With prompt legal action, tax lien lawyers can remove liens entirely or prevent your property from being sold to satisfy debts. As seasoned experts, they determine what defenses and legal actions align best with your situation and exhibit meticulous follow-through to have liens rescinded.

What Should I Ask a Prospective Tax Lien Lawyer?

Not all tax resolution specialists have the same experience with property tax liens specifically. When researching and consulting tax lien lawyers, make sure to ask these important questions:

  • How long have you worked with property tax lien cases?
  • How many cases like mine have you handled? What were the outcomes?
  • Do you have specific training or certifications in property tax law?
  • What defenses or legal procedures do you think would apply in my case?
  • What are all my possible options for having the lien removed or the amount lowered?
  • Are you willing and able to go to court if needed?
  • How transparent will you be about progress, setbacks, next steps, and what I owe throughout the process?
  • Do you handle communications with the tax authorities directly?
  • What will your fees be and what is your payment structure?

The more questions a prospective tax lien lawyer can address with confidence and relevance to your situation, the better equipped they are to manage your case successfully.

Finding the Right Tax Lien Lawyer

With property ownership at stake, clients should exercise patience and care in choosing which tax lien lawyer to hire. Sources to find experienced candidates for tax lien cases include:

When you have a few candidates in mind, schedule an initial consultation. An initial consultation provides vital insights into how amenable you feel about working with them long-term and how well they understand specific challenges related to your property tax lien. Then you can confidently choose the ideal partner to provide seasoned representation.

With the right property tax lien lawyer on your side, you gain an ally with direct experience calming worries, overcoming hurdles, and defending your property ownership rights against taxing authorities. They add immense value by taking over communications and high-level understanding of complicated regulations so that you can have faith that everything possible is being done to remove liens and dismiss unjustified tax debts. Having your property freed from tax liens also may open new possibilities for using the equity to access financing or sell to interested buyers. A competent tax lien lawyer makes navigating these complexities feasible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Lien Lawyers

Q: When should I contact a tax lien lawyer?

A: You should contact a tax lien lawyer for delinquent property taxes the moment you receive an initial notice from the government. The sooner you engage expert counsel, the more opportunities they have to intervene and get protections in place before authorities escalate collection activities. Do not wait until you face imminent foreclosure to seek representation.

Q: How much do tax lien lawyers cost?

A: Most tax lien lawyers charge an hourly fee ranging from $150 to $350, depending on experience. They also may advertise fixed or value-based rate structures. Expect costs between $3,000-$7,000 on average to handle a tax lien defense case.

Q: Can tax lien lawyers guarantee removal of all tax liens?

A: No guarantees exist. However, tax lien lawyers have the highest chances of removing liens or stopping a foreclosure by assessing all applicable defenses then acting decisively. Much depends on how long you let debts accumulate, willingness to start repayment plans, and if tax collectors followed proper procedures.

This article covered key reasons to hire a property tax lien lawyer, strategies they can use to remove tax liens, helpful questions to ask when selecting counsel, and other common FAQs on tax lien representation. With their experience defending property owners against tax authorities, tax lien lawyers can be instrumental allies in resolving property tax stress.

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